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Статистика Глобальные достижения В Kerbal Space Program вам предстоит руководить космической программой инопланетной расы кербалов. Создавайте собственные космические суда, основываясь на своих знаниях или их отсутствии законов аэродинамики и физики движения тел на орбите.

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Самый популярный контент от разработчиков и сообщества за прошедшую неделю. KSP Loading If you want to learn about all the current developments of the KSP franchise, then this is the place to be! Kerbal Space Program Update 1.

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Similar to the last update, 1. These improvements include: new textures and mappings for Celestial Bodies, new shaders, optimizations, additional revamps and much more. Our goal for update 1.

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Take a look! KSP breaks ground on consoles! Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Breaking Ground is all about exploration, experimentation and technological breakthroughs.

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With this expansion console players will be able to discover mysterious surface features across the moons and planets of the Kerbolar System. Players will also have the ability to collect data with brand new deployable experiments and design complex crafts with the addition of robotic parts.

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Deployed Science This feature will allow you to deploy experiments on the surface of celestial bodies to take measurements over time. You will need to bring these experiments with you, unpack them from storage containers on your craft and set them up to run.

Mobs Scaling with Item Level

In order to do so, you will need to place a central station, one or more power generating devices and possibly a booster antenna to get your science base set up. The experiments and power generators will run better if the right kind of Kerbal sets them up, thus giving you more reasons to bring Kerbals with different professions on an adventure.

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Click here[t. These features include meteorites, craters, mineral formations, and even stranger planetary oddities. Surface features vary in size and Kerbal astronauts will be able to pick up and return the smallest of them to study back at KSC. However, larger specimens will need to be scanned and analyzed on-site by the newly developed Rover Arms.

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The Rover Arms come in three levels that you unlock via Research and Development, each of which have more sensors and tools that allow you to collect more science from the same surface feature. Robotics With Breaking Ground, you will see a number of robotic parts including: hinges, pistons, rotors, rotational servos, propeller blades and turbo-shaft engines.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes these new parts operate under realistic physics, with real forces and torques, electricity consumption and even motor mass accounted for.

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We are also including a controller part that will let you coordinate the behavior of many different parts on your craft. Use Hinges to provide angles of rotation between two parts.

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Pistons give you linear motion. Rotors will allow you to generate torque around their axis.

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Rotational servos will give you precise control of angular position. Propeller Blades and Turbo-shaft Engines will allow you to build helicopters and other blade-propelled contraptions. The KAL controller can sequence the actions of all the robotics parts and a number of other fields.

It gives you access to a powerful track editor tool which lets you plan how parts will behave over time. Using this controller, you can set up complex cranes, walking crafts, disco lighting or whatever you can dream up!

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It not only looks great on Kerbals, but offers customization where players can choose what color the helmet and suit lights will glow when in a darkened environment. Players will find this very useful! Improved Burn Time information The improved burn time indicator will now calculate based on dV and not acceleration.

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Additionally, it will contain a staging indicator that shows which stages contain the dV needed to complete each part of the maneuver. In the extended mode of the burn time indicator two extra lines are shown, allowing you to adjust how much time you want to spend burning before and after the node during the maneuver as well as showing you a countdown for when you need to start burning fuel to do so.

The first one adds another type of action group for controls that lets you bind input controls to fields - an axis group. The second adds Action Sets, which allow you to enable or disable sets of axes or action groups. This extends what you can do with a limited number of buttons, allowing you to put your craft into different modes of operation.

You can even override the base controls with the action set feature, furthering how you can fine tune the interface between you and your craft. We developed these extensions to give players more options to control their robotics, but it certainly will be useful for stock and modded players as well.

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Revamped Parts A large number of parts have been given a fresh new look since the last update. To learn more about the effort that went into creating this trailer and how every bump, hiccup and cheer of triumph led to the final KSP 2 Announce Trailer, be sure to read our latest Dev Diary[www. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news and development updates! Happy launchings!